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Edward Morgan Blake became a costumed hero at the age of sixteen. The Watchmen graphic novel tells us nothing of his life before this, or even of his civilian life after this point. He took the pseudonym The Comedian when he became a vigilante, already seeing the joke that he believed the world to be. In 1939, he joined the Minutemen, a group of costumed heroes who were loosely organized as crimefighters in New York. Hollis Mason, the first Nite Owl, described him as a “particularly vicious and brutal young man.” He continued with the group despite not getting along well with any of the other members, except perhaps Sally Jupiter, the Silk Spectre, until 1940, when he sexually assaulted Jupiter and was expelled from the group, though charges were never pressed for the assault.

He went on to work for the government, though still as a costumed hero. He became a war hero in World War II, though he was court martialed for shooting 7 Japanese POWs on a bet that he could kill them with 8 shots at 50 paces. The case was dismissed due to lack of evidence.

He continued working for the government as an assassin and military expert through the fifties and sixties, during which time he was turned into a symbol of patriotism by the government.

In 1966, he was invited to join the Crimebusters, a sort of reincarnation of the Minutemen. He went to the first meeting but openly criticized the entire premise, saying that it took a moron to believe the world's problems could be solved by them. Since then, he's continued working on his own, still mostly as a government agent.

Blake is...not quite a utilitarian and not quite a nihilist. He sees the flaws in the world and knows that he's powerless to fix them, so he chooses to parody them instead. He has a sort of amorality that can be frightening at times, but he also has his own code by which he defines good and evil. He's brash and violent, and he finds brash and violent things funny. He's an opportunist, and though some people might argue that he's got a heart of gold, it's certainly a deeply buried one.

Somewhere under that exterior, though, is a sort of conscious, a stunted sort of humanity. He can feel regret, and he does have some lines that he draws in his vigilantism, they're just much further than most people's would be.

Warning: Eddie is not a nice man. He does not play well with others, and he doesn't take no for an answer sometimes.

[This is a fictional journal intended for roleplaying purposes only. Edward Blake and the Comedian in all their incarnations are the property of Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons, and Warner Brothers, and no profit is being made from this journal. Both mun and muse are well over the age of 18.]
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